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About Orthodontic Appliances

  • Removable appliances are generally used to retain (maintain) teeth in their corrected positions after active treatment is completed, and in some cases, to influence growth of the jaws in order to effect changes in facial structure.
  • Timing of such therapy also is very important. Since removable appliances can easily be taken out by the patient, there may be a tendency not to wear them as we have prescribed -this means your teeth, jaws and muscles may move back toward their original positions.
  • Removable appliances require care & excellent hygiene. Although you may notice an effect on eating and speaking along with an increase in the flow of saliva, you will eventually adjust to the appliance with increased wear.`


Appliance Therapy Overview


In a fair number of cases full Phase 1 therapy may not be indicated, however there may be a dental or skeletal malocclusion that needs to be addressed prior to full orthodontic treatment later in adolescence.  In this case, Dr. Yoon may prescribe only an orthodontic appliance for limited treatment of your child’s orthodontic problem.

After the inital consultation, Dr. Yoon will prescribe an appliance best suited for your child’s needs.  Common appliances can be reviewed in the Visual Appliance Guide menu option.

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For certain mild relapse cases, we may offer custom spring retainers designed for your specific needs.  For retainer-only treatment to be effective they most be worn as close to 24 hours as possible until we achieve the desired results.

 These retainers usually involve an active spring or wire designed to resolve mild crowding or spacing and are activated every 4-6 weeks until the malocclusion is corrected.    The retainers are then worn for 3-4 months and then worn at nights thereafter to maintain the final results.


We also offer custom splints to address problems with clenching, grinding & TMD.  Splints function to alleviate sensitivity in your jaws & muscles as well as to protect the enamel of your teeth from excessive wear caused by your clenching/grinding habit over time.

These appliances can also be included in your orthodontic treatment plan to maintain the position of your teeth at the end of treatment, in lieu of a standard retainer.

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