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Emergency Care

In most cases, areas of discomfort can be taken care of at home with simple adjustments & home care steps.  For emergencies please contact your office or Dr. Yoon directly by using the contact form on the right of the page.

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Read & download detailed home emergency care instructions here: (OrthoEmergency-FLYER) from the American Association of Orthodontists website.


Problems & Home Solutions

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  • Loose Band or Bracket:  If the band or bracket is still attached to the wire, leave it in place.  Place wax on the bracket if it’s uncomfortable and come in at your convenience to have the bracket repaired.  If it’s loose, remove it at and bring it with you to your next visit 
  • Loose Wire:  Try to place the wire back in the braces tube with your fingers or clean tweezers- or at least guide the wire under the hook on the last brace to keep it stable.  If the wire is thin enough, you can clip it with a clean nail clipper behind the last tooth to which it is attached. 


  • Poking or Sticking wire:  Try pushing the sticking wire down with the end of a pencil eraser and use wax.

  • Loose elastic tie or O-ring:  The O-ring is the colored elastic tie around your bracket.  It is okay if one or two of the rings come off.  We will replace it at your convenience or at your next appt.

If you’re currently wearing a Quad Helix, click here.

For other emergencies please contact your main office or contact Dr. Yoon directly.