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The Schwartz is a removeable expander, which acts to slowly expand the lower jaw to develop the lower arch form, upright the teeth & create more room for the permanent teeth to erupt.

Common Concerns 

  • *Most patients require between two to three days to become accustomed to the device.

  • *Some changes in speech may be expected.  Speech will become more normal within a few days. Patience & practice are key.

  • *Some mild discomfort may occur. This will decrease in a few days.

  • *Please do not play with the appliance flip it around in the mouth. This will result in the appliance not fitting correctly and a new appliance will need to be fabricated.


  • Unless instructed otherwise, you will need to activate your appliance once a week.  Place the key into the front hole on the adjustment wheel. Turn the key in the direction indicated by the arrow on your appliance ( towards the tongue).  Turn the key until you hit resistance.

  • After adjusting, place the appliance in your mouth and make certain that the appliance seats completely using both hands to firmly push the appliance to place on both sides of the mouth. If it doesn’t completely seat, turn it back 1 turn and wear the appliance a few more days prior to turning it again.


  • *It is important that the schwartz is always fully seated in the mouth otherwise a new appliance may need to be made due to improper fit.

  • *The device should be removed while eating and brushing the teeth. It can be worn during sports, but should not be worn while swimming.

  • *When the schwartz is not in the mouth, it should be kept in the protective case provided.   Never wrap it in a napkin or put it in your pockets/purse without the protective case.

  • *The schwartz can be cleaned with a toothbrush and toothpaste, or with soap and warm water.

  • *Do not put it into hot water, near a hot oven or in a car on a hot day- the appliance will distort.

  • *Keep your appliance away from your pets!  They love to chew on them.

Always bring your schwartz & key to orthodontic appointments. If a sore spot develops continue to wear the device at nights, but stop activating the schwarz until your next visit so that it can be adjusted for comfort. If the sore spot persists and you’re unable to wear the appliance, please schedule a visit so we can adjust your appliance right away.

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