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Screen Shot 2013-05-11 at 8.24.26 AMThe Forsus is a fixed appliance that attaches to your braces in order to correct your bite.  It functions by applying gentle, steady pressure – gradually pushing the upper arch of teeth backwards and lower arch of teeth forwards, until the proper amount of overbite correction is achieved.

  • The Forsus will remain attached to the braces, until the proper amount of bite correction is achieved.



During the first few days after insertion, you may feel any number of the following side effects:

  • Speech may be difficult but improves with practice and patience.

  • Scratching of the cheeks due to the bulkiness of the springs.

  • A little discomfort or pressure- this will decrease within a few days to a week.

  • Difficulty chewing

We recommend taking a little Tylenol to help with any initial discomfort and wax on the bracket areas near the cheeks to help with the initial scratching of the cheeks.


On occasion when yawning or eating, the FORSUS can become detached.  It is easy to put the two parts back together eliminating the need to come to the office.

  1. Compress the coil spring portion that is attached to the upper arch, pushing it as tightly together as possible.

  2. Open your mouth wide.

  3. Take the stiff lower pole, attached to the lower archwire, and place it inside the center of the upper coil spring.

  4. Release the coil spring and then open and close several times to ensure it is attached properly to the pole.

  5. Call the office if you have any further problems or contact Dr. Yoon directly through the contact form on this site.

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